Action plan template

Help your Campus Chapter team stay organized and keep track of goals with this template.


Sample endorsement OUtreach email

Use this sample email to get your school president and sustainability director to endorse a carbon pricing initiative!


Campus Organizing toolkit

The Our Climate Campus Toolkit was launched for young people working to #PutAPriceOnIt. If you’re a student looking to further your involvement in the carbon pricing movement but feel unsure of where to start, this resource is here to support and mobilize you!


Keep Calm and Price Carbon

Purchase our CCL merchandise here to be the face of carbon pricing and climate activism to your friends, family, and co-workers!

Sample outreach EMAIL

Tell your sustainability director or faculty member about all the ways to collaborate with CCL! Here is a sample email to help you get started on general higher ed outreach.


agenda for first meeting

Ready to have your first meeting? Take a look at this document for a basic way to structure meetings and keep everyone engaged.


STorytelling toolkit

The Our Climate Storytelling Toolkit features advice from climate communications experts to explore the power of creative storytelling in a campaign and address any questions that may come up in the process. Whether you’re writing an Op-ed or shooting a video, this toolkit is here to help you choose a medium, target an audience, and share your story to make a difference.


Sample Meeting Plans

If you’re a Campus Leader looking for a good way to organize your chapter’s events for the semester, check out our Sample Meeting Plans. You’ll find an outline for suggested meeting topics and projects, information about CCL calls and webinars, and presentations on developing skills in various methods of grassroots engagement.


Higher Education Earth Week Toolkit

Earth Week is a prime time to educate your community about climate solutions, find new members for your group, and engage in climate advocacy. Review our Higher Education Earth Week Toolkit for some ideas of activities you can do.

Higher Education climate week toolkit

Youth are calling on a adults to join them in the Global Climate Strikes September 20-27, 2019. Review our Higher Education Climate Week Toolkit for more details, and for information on how to take action on climate change.


Conference and lobby day cheat sheet

Review our cheat sheet to read about how to best prepare for our annual CCL Conference and Lobby Day in Washington, DC.