Students in a lobby meeting with member of Congress during the International Conference and Lobby Day in Washington D.C. 

Students in a lobby meeting with member of Congress during the International Conference and Lobby Day in Washington D.C. 

In addition to endorsements, testimonials, presentations, and films, here are some other ideas to advocate for climate solutions: 

1. Schedule a meeting with your member of Congress. Building personal relationships with members of Congress has been shown to be the most effective way to build support for climate solutions. Having young people in meetings to to tell their own stories is even more compelling. 

2. Send handwritten letters to members of Congress. Host an event where members of your group and those passing by create letters to members of Congress. Provide art supplies! The more personal you can make them, the better. 

3. Write articles or opinion pieces for your local media. An opinion editorial (“op-ed”) piece published in a local newspaper will grab the attention of a staff person or legislator, and reach a wide public audience to elevate the profile of climate advocacy or climate solutions in your community.

Our Climate's salmon mosaic

Our Climate's salmon mosaic

4. Create a highly visible event. A highly visible event utilizes public art or some other form of highly visible display to create awareness about climate change. Click here for an example from Vermont

5. Start a petition. When you need to demonstrate a lot of grassroots support for something, a petition is a great tool. See Our Climate's carbon pricing petition for an example, and start your own at

6. Attend a climate conference. Each year, CCL hosts an international conference in Washington DC and regional conferences throughout the country. CCL offers student discounts for all conferences, please contact taylor.krause@citizensclimatelobby to apply.

7. Attend or organize a march. CCL sponsored the 2017 March for Science, and many of our members went to the March for Science and People's Climate March. Attending such an event is also a good way to find new allies and prospects for your local group. 

8. Raise funds for Citizens' Climate Lobby, Citizens' Climate Higher Education, or your local chapter. Want to support CCL with a donation? Or raise funds for your group? Ideas for fundraisers include auctions, talent shows, phone banking, and online fundraising. 

9. Support a state campaign. Our Climate advocates for state carbon pricing legislation. Visit their website for more information. Or petition your state legislators to start one! 

10. Host a panel discussion or forum. Check out this forum organized by students at MIT for an example. 

11. Host an activist summit. Gather a few speakers, plan a few workshops, and invite local orgs. Check out Tulane Climate Action Day for an example. 

12. Organize a conference. Check out any of CCL's regional conferences for examples. 

Have you done something creative and impactful on climate? Tell us and we'll share your idea on our website or with our groups.