Higher Ed Allies

 CCL volunteers at Advanced Climate Policy Camp, 2018

CCL volunteers at Advanced Climate Policy Camp, 2018

Are you passionate about getting young people involved in climate advocacy? Do you work at a university and want to use your connections to advance carbon pricing? Are you an educator looking for materials to teach climate advocacy and engaging students? Join the higher ed allies team in building bridges between Citizens' Climate Lobby and higher education institutions! Here's what you need to know. 

1. What is your target? Which colleges or universities will be your target for outreach? Schools that are local to you are obvious choices, but if you live in an area with a lot of schools, which ones have the most potential for engagement? Where do you have connections that you could utilize? Maybe you are also interested in doing outreach to your alma mater. How might you build connections to the staff, alumni, and faculty? 

2. Where is your "in"? It's easier to be effective if you start with people who know you or with a group you belong to. Who do you know at the local university? How can they help you connect to the people that can be helpful to you? Do you belong to an alumni association? Do you have family members who are attending your target university? What about your former professors who are still at the university?  

3. What are your goals? Obviously, at CCL our goal is to build political will for carbon fee and dividend. Depending on the needs of your local chapter needs and your own interests, you might focus on some methods more than others. For higher ed, the most popular goals are:

  • Getting the President's endorsement
  • Finding students to participate in the local chapter, CCL's conferences, and lobby events
  • Finding student leader(s) and starting a campus chapter
  • Finding students to do an internship with the local chapter
  • Interest faculty in integrating climate advocacy into the curriculum
  • Rallying support for carbon pricing or raising funds from the alumni community

4. Create a strategy that matches your goals. Different goals require different strategies. If your goal is to obtain the President's endorsement, that might start with a meeting with the sustainability director to learn about the President's track record on climate change and endorsements. Check out the endorsements page for information. If your goal is student engagement, you might start with contacting faculty in the environmental studies department, or the leaders of existing environmental groups. For most goals, you'll need to recruit a student leader. Here's a document I created on tips for recruiting student leaders. 

5. Connect with other higher ed allies! Contact Clara Fang at clara.fang@citizensclimatelobby.org to join the higher ed allies group. You'll receive invites to group calls, monthly action sheets, and individual support. Join our group on Facebook.